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The Colchester Sexual Assault Centre (CSAC) is a non-profit, community-based organization dedicated to strengthening, empowering, and supporting survivors of sexualized violence (sexual assault, sexual abuse, and sexual trauma) in a gender-equitable, compassionate environment.

The ultimate goal of the CSAC is the prevention of sexualized violence. The CSAC provides numerous services and programs, including one-on-one confidential, gender-sensitive counselling, emotional support to victims, survivors and their family and friends, group counselling, presentations, and community events.

Located in Truro, Nova Scotia, the CSAC’s services are available, but not limited to, individuals in the counties of Colchester, Cumberland, East Hants and Pictou.

CSAC was founded by Sherry O’Brien and began operation in 1992 in Truro. After Sherry’s term, Vida Woodworth became Executive Director and managed the daily operations for over 13 years. The CSAC was established out of a need to have a community based resource specifically for survivors of adult sexual assault (ASA) and child sexual abuse (CSA). Since the beginning the CSAC works at both an individual and community level to strengthen and empower survivors and to work toward the prevention of sexual assault and sexual abuse.

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