Sample Police Interview Questions

Sample Sexual Assault Police Interview Questions

When an officer starts an interview they want to get the most detailed answers as possible. They would start with getting what we call a pure version statement. We would ask something like, “please start at the beginning, wherever you think that is, and tell me what happened.” Some people immediately give a detailed account of what happened and others, due to a variety of reasons, have to be asked a lot of questions about what has happened.

We ask things like:

  1. Who did this, is he/ known to you?
  2. If so, what is the relationship (consent might be a factor if they were in a relationship before)
  3. If not we get as much of a description about the perpetrator as possible
  4. Where and when the assault happened?
  5. What happened during the assault, weapons used, physical force used like choking, bondage, assault, forcible confinement etc?
  6. Did he ejaculate? If so where (internal, external)? Was a condom used? If so where is it?
  7. Did you shower, wash your clothes or wash other items?
  8. Were alcohol or drugs a factor?
  9. Was the assault more than once?
  10. Any witnesses, emails, texts or other documentation from the accused or victim?
  11. Have you been to the doctor?

These questions are only part of what we ask and each case is different. A lot of the time the questions depends on the type of assault and what the victim says during his/her statement.

At the end of the statement we offer support through victim services or other support if the victim has questions about where to go.